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M & O Office
Origine Etats_Unis
Genre Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Tribal Metal
Bio Those who have survived a car crash will always remember those feelings from the immediate aftermath: anxiety, fear, shock, bewilderment and an overwhelming adrenaline rush igniting all of their senses. When heavy objects collide unexpectedly there are always passengers whose perception of reality undergoes a sudden transformation.

An invigorating mixture of the speed and aggression of Slayer, the urgency and willpower of seminal hardcore like Minor Threat and the heaviness and musical prowess of Cavalera Conspiracy's Inflikted debut, Blunt Force Trauma is eleven tracks of intense, powerful and jarringly immediate metal with punk attitude and venomous spirit.

Iggor Cavalera's performance is an instant reminder as to why he's long been recognized as a drumming icon in the scene. Stomping, multi-dimensional and full of the rich experiences he's had with a variety of ethnic percussion and within the world of hard-driving and pulse-pounding DJ work, the preeminence of what Max's brother lays down on Blunt Force Trauma is undeniable. Bassist Johny Chow(Fireball Ministry) and lead guitarist Marc Rizzo (Soulfly) have a chance to show off how touring behind the first Cavalera Conspiracy album gelled things as a band.
M & O Office

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