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M & O Office
Origine Italie
Genre Alternative Metal
Bio A mix of emotions, feelings of redraft, all put together with a desire of elevation, as the last track tells us.
Like a jellyfish, that floats gently from below to above, here comes the concept behind the album. Accept deep moments as abysses and yearn the vivid and mild ones.
Beside strong and shameless songs, like Lullaby, with his misleading title that starts the tracklist as a slap, or like Still Burning, Tearing All Your Words Down, The Mongrel, you can find different songs with a more lively and punk spirit, like Don’t Give A Fuck, Later Hater, Shoot.
There’s also enough space for funky melodies, as the ones in Leader = Deceiver, until the most intimate moment of the album with Building Ends, that despite of his melancholic face, shows an extremely harsh and critic meaning.
Vertical Horizon is the product of a very long and passionate work, that mixed the musical background of four musicians with different but also aligned musical tastes.
M & O Office